How Often Should I Drain My Lithium-Ion Laptop Battery?

September 3rd, 2019

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You may be familiar with the idea that lithium-ion batteries (the rechargeable batteries found in most modern laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices) need to be completely drained and then recharged again to keep their “lifespan memory” as high as possible. Well, we’re here to say…both yes and no. 

Nickle-based batteries of yesteryear did suffer from this dreadful “lifespan memory” problem. While modern lithium-ion batteries do as well, they aren’t nearly as prone to such issues as their predecessors. With that being said, to make your lithium-ion batteries last as long as possible, there are a handful of maintenance actions we’d recommend you take. 

Moderate Draining, Not Complete Drainings

Unlike nickel-based batteries, lithium-ion batteries do best with slight discharges and recharge — even more so than with complete drainings. A full 0%-100% recharge of a lithium-ion battery doesn’t have the same impact that it did on nickel-based cells. With this being said, a complete draining once a month is a helpful way to recalibrate your battery’s charge gauge.

Keep Your Batteries Cool

Like your computer’s processor, your computer’s battery is also sensitive to extreme temperatures. Make sure that your laptop is properly ventilated and not kept in overly hot or cold places. The use of laptop stands is always recommended. Even makeshift stands, such as cardboard egg crates, can significantly extend the life and capacity of your battery. 

Don’t Leave Batteries at 100%

Leaving lithium-ion batteries perpetually plugged can lead to undue strain. If you’re used to working from a laptop that is plugged in most of the time, do your battery a favor and work unplugged for a while. Letting it drain to about the 40% level is good for overall battery health. Aside from giving your battery’s charging function a rest, enjoy a change of scenery as well.

Running Into Battery Issues? We Can Help

If your laptop’s battery doesn’t seem to hold a charge like it used to, we’re happy to help. The Tulsa computer repair professionals from Geeks to the Rescue can assist with just about every battery issue to keep your laptop holding charges for years to come.