How to Know if You Have a Computer Virus

May 23rd, 2018

computer virus

Computer viruses and malicious software (malware) can delete files, steal personal information, and wreak havoc on a hard drive. Worst of all, it’s not always obvious that you have a computer virus. To help you know when your computer has been infected, here are five telltale signs your computer has a virus.


If you’re dealing with constant pop-ups, make sure you don’t click on any of them, even if they claim to be there to delete the virus. This may be a form of rogueware posing as a solution, when it’s really just there to get you to pay for a service that will never happen.

Overactive Hard Drive

When hard drives are working, they often make an audible spinning sound. Hard drives that continually make this sound, even when you’re not using the computer, may be infected.

No Storage Space

While we’re on the subject of hard drives, if you notice your hard drive suddenly has no room to work it might be a sign of a virus. Often viruses will take up a ton of hard drive space when they get their teeth into a computer.

Hijacked Email

This one might be obvious, but people in your contact book getting emails from you that you didn’t write is a sign you may have a virus. It could also mean your email has been hacked, which is a little easier to fix. If the entire computer is hacked, anti-virus software will be needed. If it’s the email account that’s been hacked, you might just need to change your password.

Constant Crashing

When programs or the entire computer keep crashing for no reason, a virus may be to blame. Check for error messages and if the message seems peculiar or you keep getting the same message, your computer may have a virus.


Viruses can be hard to deal with, but Geek Rescue makes it easy. You can drop your computer off at our shop or we can come to you and get rid of any virus that’s giving you trouble. Call us today to see how we can help.