How to Get Your Computer to Run Faster

February 19th, 2018

Tulsa computer repair

When it comes to using computers, we all have a need for speed. Working on a slow computer is a fast way to get frustrated. If you’re looking to push the pedal to the metal with your computer, here are three ways to make your computer run faster.

Uninstall Unused Programs– Computers come equipped with a laundry list of programs you’ll never use, and these programs can dominate your hard drive space. Pull up your control panel and uninstall programs you’re not using to free up space and speed.

Disable Start Up Programs– It’s common for a few programs to automatically open when you hit the on button and then run in the background. Disabling this feature will conserve processing power and only use it when you actually use the programs.

Defrag and Clean Your Disk– As you use your computer it creates a lot of temporary files that can be stored somewhat haphazardly. Defragging your hard drive and running a disk clean up will give your computer a chance to sort through the mess, delete unnecessary temporary files, and reorganize how it stores files for optimum speed.

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