Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8.1

Typing on keyboard

There have been a seemingly endless list of complaints about Windows 8 since it was introduced. Microsoft tackled many of these with its Windows 8.1 update, but some users still find the adjustment from previous versions difficult. To help ease that transition, or to help increase the usability of the operating system, it’s helpful to know some keyboard shortcuts. Konrad Krawczyk of Digital Trends recently published a list of shortcuts that can increase productivity and reduce frustration for Windows 8.1 users.

  • Windows key and ‘D’– Shows and hides the desktop.
  • Windows key and ‘X’– Access the Quick Link menu.
  • Windows key and ‘E’– Open File Explorer.
  • Control, Shift and Escape– Opens Task Manager.
  • Windows key, ‘X’ and down arrow– Opens Mobility Center.
  • Hold Control and scroll mouse wheel– Zooms in and out.
  • Windows key– Then, begin typing to search for files, folders, programs or menus.
  • Windows key and down arrow– Closes a Modern UI app.
  • Windows key and Tab– Switches between Modern UI apps.
  • Alt and Tab– Switch between all open apps.
  • Windows key, Shift and Tab- Scrolls through open Modern UI apps backwards.
  • Windows key and ‘P’– Select a display presentation mode.
  • Windows key and Spacebar- Choose a keyboard language and change the keyboard layout.
  • Windows key and ‘I’– Displays the settings menu for the current app.

Each of these keyboard shortcuts allows you to access features quicker, or even use features you didn’t even know were there. These shortcuts will help you work better with Windows 8.1.

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January 22nd, 2014