Geek Rescue Merges With JD Young

JD young

Geek Rescue is excited to announce their merger with document technologies company JD Young. While both companies will continue to operate under their own names and provide the same great service they have for decades, the merger allows them to offer more services to customers and become a one-stop shop for business solutions.

JD Young is a trusted name in the Tulsa business landscape and has been since being started by Joe Young in 1948. Now it’s run by Joe’s grandchildren, Doug Stuart and Bob Stuart Jr.

Prior to merging, the two companies often found themselves with overlapping clients. From those experiences, they were able to learn each other’s business processes and styles. That familiarity paved the way for this collaboration.

Bob Stuart Jr. cited a first-hand experience with Geek Rescue that suggested “this was a company we wanted to associate ourselves with.”

“We brought in two companies with our own internal network that couldn’t fix the challenge, and what people couldn’t fix within three or four days they were able to fix quickly,” Stuart said.

In addition to their similar way of thinking, each company brings services that are vital to businesses. JD Young specializes in print services, while Geek Rescue is capable of handling any IT support needs. The merger also includes Geek Rescue’s sister company, Brookside Studios, which manages media development, and JD Young’s cross-media marketing firm, One 2 One Marketing.

The ability to combine resources and streamline processes allows both companies to offer a full-range of services to make better solutions for customers.

Geek Rescue co-owner, Damon DoRemus, says this merger creates a comprehensive company unlike any other in the area.

“There’s not a true solutions provider that can provide all the services and products this combination creates,” DoRemus said.

To find out more about JD Young, visit their website.

January 14th, 2014