The First Update To OS X Mavericks Has Been Released

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With just a few days passed since Apple released a second Beta version of it’s mobile operating system, iOS, they’ve now released an official update to their desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks. The update, which is version 10.9.1, is the first update since the release of Mavericks back in October. Apple’s Support page has some details about what exactly the update addresses and some tips on how to update your Mac.

Before jumping in with the new update, there are some preliminary steps all users should take. First, this is an ideal opportunity to back-up your system. Mac offers a handy tool called Time Machine to do this quickly. Updates to your operating system aren’t expected to damage or delete your existing files, but you can never know for certain how your system will react. Even if no files or applications are negatively affected, it’s a good idea to have a restore point that goes back to before the update. This way, if you find a bug or compatibility issue, you’ll be able to un-install, in essence, the latest update.

To find this update, go to ‘Software Update’ in the ‘Apple’ menu. You’ll be able to not only find the update to OS X Mavericks, but also any other updates you need to install. Once you start the update, be sure not to interrupt the process.

Included in the 10.9.1 update to Mavericks is improved stability, compatibility and security. Here’s what users get.

  • Updates for Gmail compatibility in OS X Mail.
  • Improved search in Smart Mailboxes.
  • A fix for issue with contact groups in Mail.
  • A fix that allows Voice Over to speak sentences with emoji.
  • A fix for an issue with unlocking multiple prompts unlocking Local items.
  • An update to Safari 7.0.1

Apple recommends that all eligible users update their OS as soon as possible. Generally, it’s always a good idea to update when one is available because there are often security updates that close flaws and known vulnerabilities that could otherwise allow for data breaches.

If you’re having issues with your Mac that this update doesn’t fix, or you’re having problems with any device, call Geek Rescue at 918-369-4335.

December 17th, 2013