Sophisticated Malware Threat Monitors And Steals Nearly Everything

Malware sign

A recently discovered form of malware is being called “the most sophisticated malware yet” by experts. As Timothy B. Lee reports for The Washington Post, this threat is capable of infecting almost anyone and of stealing almost anything.

Called Careto, this malware is actually a suite of tools used for collecting data from infected users. This highly targeted attack starts as a phishing scam. An email made to look like it’s from a major publication is sent to a user. Those that click on the provided link are taken to a malicious website that scans the user’s computer to find vulnerabilities.

Careto is capable of infecting a number of operating systems. Windows, OS X and Linux users are all at risk. Experts believe that mobile versions of the malware that target iOS and Android will be developed soon.

It’s when the malware has infected a user that the real trouble starts. Nearly everything a user does can be recorded by Careto. Network traffic is intercepted, keystrokes are logged, screen captures are taken, Skype conversations are monitored and all file operations are tracked. The malware can also sniff out encryption keys stored on a device.

The nature of the malware also allows for software or plug-ins to be added easily. This means additional capabilities are being added to steal other data or to add more features.

Because Careto is so complex, it’s difficult to detect, even if you’re running an up to date antivirus or anti-malware program. The best way to avoid infection is to be extremely cautious regarding links in emails. If a link is sent to you, it’s better to go to the site directly, rather than following the link. This eliminates the possibility that you’re being sent to a fake, spoofed, site.

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February 17th, 2014