The Blackphone: A Smartphone With Security And Privacy In Mind

Smartphone with safe door

There are so many threats to your smartphone. Malware is being created specifically for mobile devices at record numbers and, of course, you have to worry about your information, like text messages and phone calls, being intercepted and recorded. To prevent these security vulnerabilities, you could download security apps. As Rob Lever reports at Business Insider, your best option for a secure, mobile experience is to get a new phone. Specifically, the Blackphone, which is said to be the most secure smartphone ever made.

Silent Circle, described as a “secure communications firm”, began developing the Blackphone because they saw a need for truly secure mobile communication and no other companies stepping up to serve that need. The company has already released apps for both smartphone and PC users that encrypt messages and videos. The Blackphone will feature encryption for video and text, as well as securie VoIP calls.

The secure smartphone won’t be released for another month and specifications will likely be kept under wraps until then. In the meantime, we know it will be less expensive than big flagship smartphones like the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to a Silent Circle executive, the Blackphone isn’t just useful for those who need top of the line security, such as government employees. It’s built for a typical user with features similar to other smartphones only it has the added benefit of being much more secure. All of that, however, comes with the warning that no mobile device is completely secure. Even the Blackphone with all of its attention to a more private and secure experience for users isn’t impenetrable. But, right out of the box, this smartphone has inherent advantages.

Chances are, your smartphone isn’t as secure as the Blackphone. If it’s been infected with malware or needs any other type of repair, bring it to Geek Rescue or call us at 918-369-4335.

January 20th, 2014